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Hi girl! So you are into style just as much as me! Listen this page is all about sharing my passion and tips! Also, follow me on instagram @stylinwithjoi for more content.



Denim Jumpsuit Maxi Dress

Am I the only one that loves a good jumpsuit? There are so many possibilities with both casual and dressy options! I can easily style this denim dress jumpsuit with sneakers, boots, both high and ankle, or a a pair of pumps to give it  a dinner date look. This versatile piece is from Target at just $40! 


Denim Black Jumpsuit

This is another staple to have! Is this jumpsuit season or what? This is so good for travel and comfort for any day of the week. As seen here, I paired it with ankle boots but could easily put on sneakers for a day out for a more casual look. This functional piece can be found at your local Target for $40!



Orange Suit Set

If there is an occasion that calls for semi casual and you are in doubt, choose a suit! My favorite is a wide legged pants suit with an oversized blazer. There is something chic about a well fitted suit that speaks volume. This particular set is from Zara, but they have many of options in different colors to choose from!


Wide Legged Denim Pants

Everyone needs a good pair of wide legged jeans! They are an all year round staple. The baggy look mixed with a fitted top is my go to! It is classy yet edgy! Pair it with a pointy toe boot or a high heel. You can find these at Zara or H&M for $49! But I caught these on sale for $29! Always check to see if your retailer are having any seasonal sales coming first!

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