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Where are you?

Happy New Year! Sis we made it to 2023! Did you make any resolutions? Promises? What are yours? If I may, I would like to share insight on mines.

My first question I asked myself before bringing in the new year was, where am I? This is the question right?! I mean every year always causes us to evaluate our current circumstances and what got us there. I mean, we put so much effort into who we see ourselves becoming that we miss the importance of getting there;Creating a plan and going through the process. But are we submitting our plan to God?

One of my biggest where am I questions came from me not bearing children yet. Not saying that our entire womanhood is based upon reproducing but I never thought I would be this far in life without having any. Like never! So it made me take a step back and really see what got me here. And I came to the conclusion it was me. I got me here! Talk about a ouch! A big one! A slap in the face.

I never asked or invited things I went through to happen to me, but I also didn't have to submit to them; but I did. I became my problem. I allowed it to control my life and my decisions for years. Some of it was me hoping that things will change in my personal life and the other was fear; but I never was comfortable.

God desire is not for us to live mediocre lives, but to live exceedingly and abundantly lives! So Why couldn't I want that for myself? We deserve it right?!

Let's not wait until the new year to start over or to re-evaluate our situations. Let's start doing a little self cleaning throughout the year. Use the time you have! Don't just give in to what's happening and start making things happened! You hold the key! God is waiting on you to unlock your potential, your dreams, your goals, your purpose. Don't wait another year to use your key, do it now!

Love you on purpose!


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