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Growing Pt.2

Hi sis! Welcome back! Happy new week! I am still so excited about this topic and can't wait to dive deeper into it with you.

Last week we talked about how it is possible to change without growing but it is impossible to grow without changing. Quick example! Our circumstances may change, maybe we get in a new house or car. That's growth right? But our mindset is still the same. Our bad money management hasn't changed, our mindset on what's priority hasn't changed; we are basically leveling up with last level mentality. So there was no growth.

I touched a little on if what is attached to me doesn't grow with me then I will eventually outgrow it. Whether that's people, places, hobbies, desires, goals and mindset. Things are no longer pouring into me in a positive way, I can't allow it to stunt my growth. I am the tree and my roots are my children, my family, my community, my purpose, my goals. A trees roots typically spread much further than the crown of the tree. So what I do now effects my roots & all that's connected to me; And all that's connected to them.

Growing may require uncomfortableness. It requires you to move and do something you haven't done before. Step out on your gifts and use them, invest in your business, invest in your mental health and invest in your purpose. Don't ever feel that growth is too big for you. You are worth growing for!

How can you grow without feeling like you're leaving a childhood friend behind? Without feeling like you're abandoning your family? Don't want to seem like you're being prideful. You want to be proud of your growth but is afraid of making someone else feel belittled.... Here's my take on this and what I have experienced in my life, people that genuinely love you will love and support you in every state of your life. Don't allow their lack of understanding to dictate your potential moving forward. You have the right yo better yourself. And if you love them you will try to help them better themselves; but not at the expense of you. Growth shouldn't scare those that love you away; they should be your biggest cheerleaders. And those that are not in alignment with your assignment, you may have to adjust your expectation and role that they hold in your life. BUT DON'T SETTLE YOURSELF FOR LOVE AND SUPPORT.

It also may call for new friendships, relationships, connections & places. Be open to what God is doing. Don't get comfortable in change. Growth should always be the goal!

Remember, purpose requires growth; it needs and thrives off a better you!

Love you with purpose!


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