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Happy 2024 sis! I mean how are we already into a new year?? But I'm so grateful that God handpicked you to experience this gifted year! I truly believe that this is the year of the REDO!

Did you make any resolutions? Promises? Wrote down goals? Any covenants with God? Were they realistic?

Last year I was very intentional about not leaving out that year without healing! I didn't want to wait to enter into a physical new year, I wanted my NEW right then! And it has been a journey! Although I kept my promise to myself and with the help of God, I ended 2023 mentally and emotionally healthy, there is still more to be done!

When going through a season of healing, you don't really realize how deep of an impression hurt, disappointment and pain leaves on you. It sounds good to say I'm on a healing journey but doing the work is where it starts. The work that starts with you! Yes, the real work starts with you! I know you feel the reason you went through such a dark place was because of something or someone else, but correction starts with you. If you continue to go through life always pointing the finger at what is being done to you, you are then taking the focus off of what you do have control over; yourself. You will become more concerned about how you are being treated and not how you are treating yourself by allowing things to happen. Thats crazy right? How can I allow things to happen to me that I have no control over? I can't control how Someone treats me. I can't control what my job does. I can't control what my spouse does. I can't control even what my children do. Right? But here's the thing, when things are happening you can control how you respond. Does it necessarily stop things from happening? It doesn't. But what it does is control the long lasting impression it leaves on you when allowing it to penetrate your heart. By responding to circumstances with prayer, worship, positivity, faith and scriptures effects your healing later down the road.

Practicing healthy ways of responding helps the mending of your heart. It helps with your mental and emotional state of being. I know it's sounds easy to say versus doing but I promise trying will not make it worse. Remember Healing is for you; Not the thing that was done to you. Take back your control on how you respond so that your heart will have more room to experience more happy than healing moments.

If I'm always on a journey of healing, when am I ever experiencing just happiness?? Proverbs 17:22

Part 2 next week!!

Love you with purpose!


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