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Hi sis! How are you? We made it to month 9! Yay!

I find it to be more true as I get older of how important it is to invest in yourself. Sowing seeds starts with us. Although through our journey of childhood to adulthood, we had to rely on parents, teachers, church, and the community to help shape who we are, and yes they do play a factor but ultimately the decision of seeing ourselves as confident, victorious, and loved is our choice. Imagine if we measured our self worth by those we have encountered in life or our experiences; Would we be as confident? Or even at all?


"We have to let go of others versions of who they see and take on who God sees."


You have the power to change the narrative. And you also have the power to throw away those things that spoke against you being victorious. Even your own thoughts.

Investing in yourself starts with speaking life over yourself. The best version of yourself is the confident version of you. The version that doesn't get nervous in rooms that are too big for you. The version that's intentional about their walk with Christ. The version that can compliment others without disturbing your self esteem. The version that knows what she's called to do and does it boldly! That's who you are!

Loving yourself is the greatest investment! We have to let go of others versions of who they see and take on who God sees. The confidence of staying in our lane even if it seems a million others are doing the same thing. But Always remember no one can do you better than you!

you got this!

Love you on purpose!


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