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Overcoming doubt

Hi sis! How are you? Whew! Yelp we starting off heavy this week! Doubt! Something that we all have dealt with or constantly having to reassure ourselves of all things concerning us. But why? That's the big question!

Many of us are sure of our calling but that doesn't mean we feel we're qualified to do it. It could be a mom, wife, business woman, entrepreneur and so on, yet we still compare ourselves to others or even to our old selves. I too have been guilty of questions of am I good enough? And like so many others have asked What if people don't receive me? What if I can't give my kids what they need? What if I don't make my husband happy? What am I doing wrong that my job can't see my value? What if my business doesn't survive one year? What if I simply fail?

The root of all these questions are valid yet yield to how we really view ourselves. A lot of us have been taught to not think of ourselves too high because of pride, that it has caused us to belittle our potential; to be at war with our faith; To minimize our greatness that could probably change a life or even the world! A lot of our insecurities and pressures stem from us & how others view us.

Sis, there is no one else in this world like you and can do it the way you're called to do it! No competition necessary with the next because God has graced you for your unique journey. So unique that if a person literally copied and pasted everything you do, it wouldn't be as great because they didn't travel the same road to get to where you are now. The journey is what make you. Instead I use doubt as a tool to remind myself in a positive way that this is what I'm made for! Doubt is a mirror to my purpose. When doubt says I know I can't purpose looks back at it and says yes you can! You got this!

Just for a moment, remove how you feel about yourself, your past & how others view you, and visualize your work ethic, all you have done, accomplishments, your goals, your visions & your motivation. Just for a moment. Put that in your mind. You that's reading this, I pray that seeing you for you put the biggest smile on your face. How can you not be proud of yourself? And Guess what? That's how God sees us! He doesn't judge us on how we view ourselves, mistakes, past experiences, or others. Though he doesn't judge us by our works, but He simply sees our heart, drive and passion to do what he has called us to do. With a pure heart. That's it!

Go be great sis! Stare doubt in the face and say yes I can! You got this!

Love you on purpose!


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