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When to let go

Sis! Seasons are changing! Can you feel it? The morning bring about a coolness while the afternoon into the night is still hot, but there’s a difference!

Time to change out those summer decorations for fall and create space that’s cohesive to what’s happening next. But why is it so hard for us to do this in our personal life? Why can’t we change out things when it’s time when we’re suppose to? Is it because it’s still hot and not fully cool yet? But we know it’s coming. We feel it! But it’s still hard to know or accept when to let go and flow with the change of the season.

Letting go of relationships are hard. Or is it? Do we make it harder than what it is. Most times we know when it’s time to let go yet the comfort of holding on to peace rather than our sanity sometimes overtake doing what’s best for us. We feel like we’re missing out or loosing apart of us if we let go of what was.

Jobs, a city, Friendships, personal relationships, familyships can cause anxiety when separation enters. Then there’s those thoughts of what if I’m making this up? Am I overreacting? Did it happen the way I think it did? Or was I in my feelings? Take a step back and evaluate the situation. But most times we know. We pray on it. And pray on it some more. But We know.

If that thing doesn’t add value to your life, it’s time. If Peace is no longer your portion, it’s time. If it strips away your self confidence, it’s time.

When I choose my peace, I always win.

I’ve had my share of letting go and now get that making those tough decisions, made room for what’s to come! The season is changing. Can you feel it? What are you letting go of that is not meant for this next season? People? Guilt? Frustration? Grudges? Whatever it is, You deserve to be free from it. Let it go sis! So you can flow with your next season.


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