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Fighting Through

Hi sis! It's been a while! I know! I know! We have so much to catch up on! And If I may be honest since this is a safe space, this year has been one! Whew!

Do you know just as certain as you are about you and your purpose the enemy knows as well?

John 10:10 "The enemy comes only to steal, kill and to destroy; I come that you may have life and have it abundantly".

If he didn't know your potential and the greatness in us, why would he try so hard to distract, stop and kill your purpose? He's roaming or moving about looking for ways to get us upset, frustrated, angry, depressed, and ultimately to turn us away from God.

It seems every single time there is a slice of peace in our self and life, here comes something else to pull us back. In these moments I give myself grace to feel what I'm feeling and sit in it for just a moment to acknowledge it and move on! I've learned that my mental is as important as my spirit! You have to allow yourself the opportunity to feel! So that you can heal. If you never treat the affected area while it's fresh it's going to spread!

Philippians 4:8

Set your mind on those things that are good! And pure about who you are! Who you're called to be! Focus on that!

"Fighting through requires you to fix your thoughts".

Faith requires you to just believe. And l know while you're going through it, it's so hard to see anything outside of your vision. It sounds pretty to quote scriptures and pray a prayer of faith but in the storm it's war! For your mind, your children, your family, your purpose! Speak affirmations over yourself.

"He can not have my mind! This situation will not hardened my heart! I will come out of this better!"

Fighting through requires you to fix your thoughts.

Choosing to change your thinking will change your perspective.

And you don't have to fight alone. Get a accountability partner, join a group at your local church, counseling, and so many other resources.

Never suffer in silence!

A few things that keeps me fighting is turning on worship songs! Music is very powerful and it's important what you allow to enter into your ears that is a gateway to your heart.

I turn on sermons! Even if I'm not listening to every word, I'm allowing it into my space. Sticky notes or motivational quotes! I have these everywhere! At my job in all my work binders, my alexa on my nightstand & on my phone. It's a constant reminder of why I'm here!

As long as you're fighting, you're moving. Fight for yourself! Things that are attached to you can't help but to be delivered through your fight.

You got this!

Love you on purpose,


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