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Growing Pt.1

Hi sis! How are you girrlll??? In my most best friend voice! Lol! What's been happening? We are over half way in the year! And guess what? We still have time to do what we're called to do! There's still time for change and growth. And both is necessary for purpose!

Did you know it's possible to change and not grow? But you can't grow without change? Growth and change has to both happen in order for you to see real results in your life.

What is growth? What does that look like? I mean we change things all the time right? Our hair, our nails, bags, jobs, churches, people, but the change I'm referring to is change that opens opportunity for growth. Maybe you just left a relationship; a job change. Did those things produce growth for you? Did it change your way of thinking? Attitude? Perspective? Give you self-awareness? For the better? This is what growth looks like.

Growth has to have some form of evidence. According to the definition of grow(growth) it is the change in appearance or the increase in size. Something has to CHANGE in order for growth to be present. Now let's apply that to our life spiritually and naturally; So the question is are you changing for growth? That should be the goal

In life it's natural for us to outgrow things and people. Growth can be challenging but also rewarding! It shouldn't be this scary thing that forces us to stay complacent and stuck. It shouldn't cause us to stay in places longer than we should because the thought of having to do something different is painful. I'm in a place in my life that I can't afford not to grow because staying the same benefits me nothing. Everything attached to me has to grow or I will outgrow it. That's how you know something is meant to stay and other things are meant to go. Sis, If it doesn't grow it has to go!

Remember this equation


Next week we will resume with Pt. 2! I can't wait!

See you then sis!

Love you with purpose!


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