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Happy New Year! Ahh!

If you are reading this, we made it sis! Another year and another chance to start or finish what has been given to us! Our Purpose!

Welcome to GIRL BE BOLD blog! This is our very first post and I am just so excited to be talking and connecting with you!

He made you

“everything that God creates does not need just the sunlight to grow-somethings may need darkness.”

Lets be real

Whoa! Whew! Yass! and all that! what a year right? I mean it is safe to say what a couple years we've had. This pandemic has been like that guest that comes to your house to drop off or pick up something then invite themselves In and stay for hours! but it's now been years! Lol. Can we just keep it real? It's time for Ron(Rona) to head out! But seriously this storm has also served as a disguise is many ways to slow us down and get us back grounded. And some others it has caused great pain and my heart aches and prayers are continuously with them.

These past two years have taught me so much and has forced me to confront things that i made up in my mind to not be relevant anymore, like my purpose. In fact, it is so important because it makes up who I am. How many of us have or are living with regret because of time passing us by? The truth is we all have. I too have found myself in a place where I felt I didn't deserve to be used because of time I allowed to go by. But I found that in those moments of doubt, guilt and frustration you can still be used! Everything that God creates does not need just the sunlight to grow; somethings may need darkness! So when you are in those dark places and you feel time is slipping, use those moments to sharpen who you are! All moments are moments that can be used in our favor. We are not defeated by time! Our purpose is so much bigger!

You got this!

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Lets not continue to focus on what was lost, but let's take advantage of now! You got it going on! You still have purpose! Those dark places didn't destroy you, they made you. Be original, show of your style and tell your story. Walk gracefully in who you are with BOLDNESS!

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