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Who are you?

Hi sis!

How are you? I pray you’re doing great! Let’s get into sis! This week has brought up some identity crisis that I thought were clear. Like I know who I am right? I know what I’m called to do? I know whom I’m called to? And I know who call me!

Or am I sure?


Who am I?

This is a question that constantly comes up whenever we’re faced with adversity. We then start to question is this what I’m suppose to do? Is this the right time?

With purpose comes a process. With everything there’s a process. Somehow every time I go to the nail shop I always assume it’s going to be a in and out situation but when I get there sometimes the tech maybe behind, I need to pick a color, I need to soak. Ect. It’s all apart of the process. Just because things don’t go the way I hope or expect doesn’t mean I’m not where I’m suppose to be.

That’s the same concept in life with our purpose. We have our way or expectations then there’s Gods way. We may have ideas or start something and it seems everything is working against you, start again and try a different way. When you are for certain what you're called to do, do it! Don’t stop! No matter what comes up keep going!

This week was a reminder to me to keep going. I had a vision to do something and it seems the timing is off, but if God is saying go, go! He will provide a way! He’s your travel agent! He knows all about the way you’re traveling. He’s mapped it out! Follow the guide!

Be secure and bold in who you are! You got this!


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